Stay Connected To Your Customers

We make it easy for your customers to share their feelings with you.

Sentry Surveys Explained

Simply stated: We help you track customer sentiment

Tracking customer sentiment about your business is every bit as important as tracking customer service execution. Sentry CSM is our web-based guest survey. Sentry CSM uses Net Promoter Score as the basis for our survey. Sentry CSM makes it easy for your customers to share their feelings with you. Their collective feedback is then turned into actionable data by way of dashboards, reports, alerts, and other tools that make it easy for you to pinpoint what’s working and what isn’t.  

Using our Action Plan feature, we can create a robust system of accountability that ensures guests who request contact are promptly contacted to give you first shot at addressing negative issues before they post on social media, also helping in customer acquisition. 

The Key Advantages of the Sentry Survey System

Connects you to the voice of your customer.

Gather valuable demographic information about your customers

Use Net Promoter Score to focus your team on providing outstanding service

Encourage guests to return frequently

Identify gaps in training or operations processes

Get instant feedback on performance
Schedule a time to meet with the Sentry team about improving your customer loyalty