Transforming human interactions into metrics.

Sentry CXM

Customer Experience Measurement

Sentry CXM is our next-generation mystery shopping program that measures customer service execution against your standards.  Reports are then provided via scheduled email delivery as well as a secure web-based portal. Consequently, Active Feedback reinforces training standards.  You can close the circle with action plans to create a robust follow-up process as well as ensuring that key points of failure are addressed.  

Sentry CSM

Customer Sentiment Measurement

Sentry CSM is our web-based guest survey program.  We use Net Promoter Score (NPS) as the foundation for measuring how your customers relate to your brand as well as identifying those who are raving fans and who aren’t.  Action Plans ensure immediate response to those customers who let you know that they were unhappy with their interaction. Lastly, it does this while reports and dashboards make it easy for your staff to use the data to track. In addition, this includes improving performance.

Action Plans ensure quick response to customers who are unhappy.
Ensure your listing information is correct and
update across all popular sites.

Sentry Local Listings Management

The accuracy of your listings information (name, address, phone number) is the most important factor search engines consider when ranking search results.

Audit all your locations at a glance for inaccuracies and quickly populate your business’s name, address phone number, and other key information in online business listings or “local listings” sites. Create new profiles and existing listings are updated with the most current details. In some cases, we see more traffic from these local sites than to the actual domain so it is critically important that you rank high for when someone searches in your area, they’ll find you.

Sentry Reputation Management

A single bad review on a site like Google or TripAdvisor can cost you 30 customers,

and 84% of Americans weigh online reviews before they decide to buy. Staying on top of your company’s reviews is the only way of ensuring you’ll receive the business you deserve, whether at a particular location or across many of them.

Review Management, Competitive Benchmarking, Sentiment Analysis
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