Sentry Social Media Response

Sentry Marketing Group made a decision to limit response to any commentary made on social media sites by anonymous users.  

The Sentry team is passionate about the mystery shopping industry and we have great care for our mystery shoppers.  Our goal is to a best-in-class company for both clients and shoppers. We cannot accomplish our goal with the hard working independent contractors that make up the Sentry mystery shopper community.  

Disagreements and disputes are a part of any business relationship.  When a shopper feels that they have not been treated appropriately by our team, we believe the best course of action is for the shopper to escalate the issue within our company and/or to follow the dispute resolution process outlined in the Independent Contractor Agreement.  We don’t feel it is productive to debate these issue on public websites or forums.  We are not trying to suppress free speech or conceal any of our business practices, we simply believe the disagreements among adult business owners should be handled in a more professional manner.

We are happy to have conversations about issues that impact our industry as long as the dialog is two-way.  Anonymous comments posted on any site create a one-way conversation and puts the recipient of the criticism at the disadvantage of not knowing facts and context of the situation.  We will no longer reply to this type of feedback with anything put a canned message.

Shoppers Needing Assistance

Any shopper needing assistance with an issue should send an email to  If you have sought help though this avenue and feel your issue is still not resolved, please an email to with the words “Request For Review of Issue” in the subject line.  

We are unable to help any shopper who is unwilling to reveal their identity.