Mystery Shopping

Not all mystery shopping programs are created equally.

Quality Control For Customer Service

What gets measured gets done. Isn’t that why businesses have processes and controls in place? From financial controls to cleanliness standards, successful businesses track performance metrics and develop KPI’s (key performance indicators) to maintain their competitive edge.  If you don’t have a mystery shopping program in place, you’re missing out on tracking the performance of a one of the most important aspects of your business: Customer Service.

Whether your business is in the brick and mortar universe, online or on the phone, the consistent execution has the biggest impact on customer loyalty, sales and profits. Mystery shopping is the most reliable way to measure your team’s performance against your standards to ensure that every customer has an amazing experience.  Your mystery shopping program is also the best way to provide your team with feedback on their performance.  Recognizing outstanding performance contributes to an environment which inspires your team to consistently perform at their best.

It’s In The Way That You Use It

Collecting performance data isn’t valuable if you don’t use the information in the right way.  Our team will work with you to develop the best strategies for distributing reports and formulating action plans based on the collected data.  We can help improve customer loyalty, employee morale and profits by working with your team to develop training topic, incentive programs, recognition programs and sharing best practices.

Working together, we’ll make you the employer of choice by creating a culture where every team member is inspired to perform at their very best.  In this environment, your customers experience the type of consistently outstanding service that they rave about to their friends and colleagues.    As word of mouth spreads, customer loyalty increases,  turnover decreases, and your business attains results that take it to the next level.

Your mystery shopping program can be a tool to drive change in your organization.
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