First of all, people come to a restaurant for the food. Additionally, they return for the hospitality. Furthermore, the key to turning your guests into ardent fans is delivering a consistently outstanding experience. Consequently, Sentry CXM is our next-generation mystery shopping program. Furthermore, Sentry provides you with all of the tools you need to accurately assess customer service execution. In addition, they identify areas of improvement that lead to increased customer loyalty and profits.

So, we work with a wide variety of restaurants across the globe. In addition, each program is designed to fit the exact needs of the concept, with emphasis placed on the client’s area of focus. Additionally, some of the areas of assessment include suggestive selling as well as menu knowledge. In addition to this, it also includes food preparation presentation as well as facility assessment. Additionally, it includes phone skills, checkout/cash-out process and presentation of daily specials. Lastly, it includes management visibility and handling complaints.

  • Cafes & Coffeehouses
  • Fast Casual
  • Casual Dining
  • Upscale Casual
  • Fine Dining


The environment has changed radically for retailers over the last few years. In addition, there is no sign that the rate of change is slowing. Today, customers can go to a brick-and-mortar store or order online for delivery. Consequently, this can occur in a few days or a few hours. Additionally, it’s more important than ever for retailers to ensure that team members are properly trained. In addition, it’s important they are executing the customer service as well as sales skills that lead to outstanding customer loyalty.

Sentry CXM provides retailers with the measurement tools they need to ensure that sales presentations, product knowledge, closing efforts and suggestive selling of high margin products and services are in line with company processes, procedures and philosophies. Our reports provide the link needed between marketing, operations, and training to make sure that no sales opportunities are not wasted.

  • Home Goods
  • Electronics
  • Clothing — New
  • Clothing — Resale
  • Cosmetics
  • Auto Dealerships
       – New Car
       – Used Car
       – Service Department
       – Internet
  • Supermarkets


In addition, to keep guest coming back, your operation needs to have more than just comfortable accommodations. Consequently, delivering stellar service is the key to turning casual guests into loyal fans.  Therefore, our hospitality programs provide you with the detailed assessment of your team’s performance you need to maintain the high standards required to win guests’ loyalty. In addition, our compliance-driven programs ensure that company policies and state and federal laws related to contracts are properly followed. Lastly, this allows you to identify issues before they become more costly problems.

Hotels & Resorts

  • Overnight Evaluation
  • Assessment of Individual Outlets
  • Custom-designed Program for Your Property


  • Sales Process Evaluation
  • Finance and Contract Compliance
  • Overnight and Multiple-night Stay Evaluations


Sentry CXM provides manufacturers with visibility into the manner in which their product is represented by their retail network. Furthermore, the areas of evaluation for these programs include sales associate attitude as well as condition of product displays. In addition, it includes product presentation/suggestion and product availability. Finally, the data we deliver with this program allows you to identify training gaps and inventory shortages. Lastly, it includes other issues that can damage sales.

  • Associate Product Knowledge/Training
  • Retail Associate Attitude and Opinion
  • Retail Associate Likelihood to Suggest Project/Service
  • Merchandising
  • Inventory Availability


Competition is fierce these days, even — and especially — in the area of health and wellness. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you’re a medical or dental practice, gym, massage therapist/spa, optometrist/eyeglass retailer, or tanning salon, the competition for customers is fierce. Consequently, it’s crucial that the proper steps of service are followed in all phases, from on-boarding new patients/customers, to providing service, to ensuring return visits.  

Lastly, our health/wellness programs are designed around your processes and procedures to ensure that all phases of customer interaction are executed with the high quality standards needed to win customer loyalty.  

  • Massage Provider
  • Waxing
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Optometry
  • Senior Living Facilities
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