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Mystery Shopping

Not All Mystery Shopping Programs Are Created Equally

Sentry Mystery Shopping

The key to turning your customers into passionate advocates for your brand is ensuring that they have a consistently outstanding experience every time they come in contact with it.     The method of anonymous data collection is the ideal platform to collect data that will deliver real visibility into the inner workings of your organization.   Whether you want to measure suggestive selling, adherence to company policy,   or overall focus on guest/customer satisfaction, our mystery shopping programs will deliver timely and unbiased data that allows you to measure execution against intent and pinpoint the areas of improvement.

Sentry Marketing’s mystery shopping programs are built using your standards and philosophies as the foundation of your program.   Whether you’re looking for a mystery shopping program for your restaurant, retail store, or even hotel, our team will work with you and your team to become familiar with your brand and the important core deliverables that make your organization unique.   Your mystery shopping program will provide your team with a steady stream of timely and actionable data  that accurately measures how well your team is executing your brand strategy against what you’ve designed and intended.

Not All Mystery Shopping Programs Are Created Equally

We know that there is no shortage of mystery shopping companies to choose from. Selecting the right provider may be the single biggest factor in determining the long-term success of your mystery shopping program.     At Sentry Marketing Group, our obsession is your success.     Our team is bound by a culture of being easy to work with while delivering top quality data and unmatched service.   You won’t find us taking short cuts that make a program easier to manage but reduce the quality of data collected or delivered to our clients.

Our mystery shopping programs combine blocks of scored questions with detailed narrative descriptions of each portion of the visit.     We use this format because not all interactions can be accurately captured by Yes/No or Multiple Choice questions.

The level of detail in each narrative will provide you with a clear understanding of what our evaluator observed and experienced during their assessment.     This includes describing subtle nuances like body language, tone of voice, eye contact, and focus on your guests.   In addition, narratives detail factors such as the level of business, level of business, or any extenuating circumstances that occur during the evaluation.

We’ve got what it takes to manage a highly successful program

Rigorous shopper screening.
Prospective field evaluators complete a structured application process including a pre-application presentation, passing of a required quiz and submission of a writing sample.

Meticulous assignment preparation
Sentry Marketing Group mystery shoppers are prepared for each assignment using Sentry Marketing University, our state of art web-based learning center.   Here, each shopper must complete a mandatory orientation, pass the associated quiz, as well as complete project specific courses before beginning assignments.

Comprehensive   Data Collection
Data collection is structured using a combination of scored questions with section specific narratives.   This combination provides the ability to measure and track key behaviors while providing a context for each. These findings are then used to understand body language, tone of voice, or other circumstances that impacted the shopper’s experience.

Robust Reporting and Analytics
We’ve invested the time and money in top tier technology to provide you with one of the strongest set of data collection and reporting tools in the industry.     Every SMG program includes a secure web portal for 24/7/365 access to completed trials, as well as statistical reports and graphs.

Customized Data Access and Distribution
Distribution of completed mystery shops as well as access to your web portal can be customized to match your organization’s hierarchy.         Custom email triggers can be used to speed crucial information though your organization and shorten response time.


Sentry Marketing Group’s mystery shopping program is an invaluable resource for me and my team. Their services show us a clear picture of a guest’s experience and allow us to adjust our service model to provide the best customer experience possible. The shops are easy to read and the level of detail is is outstanding.

The Sentry team is very responsive to our requests and they are very easy to work with. Partnering with them has been a big win for Smashburger.

Greg Creighton



Making sure our guests receive the same great experience in all of our stores is of utmost importance to Fuzzy’s Taco Shop.   It is easy to find a mystery shop program, but it is much more challenging to find one that meets the needs of your company and provides total insight into what your guests see when they come into the store.

Sentry Marketing Group has provided the perfect tool to evaluate whether we deliver on our promise to the guest.   The mystery shop provides a wealth of information for our franchisees and for our franchise field support team.   At a quick glance, the dashboard reveals successes and failure within a specific store.   The report allows you to dig deeper into those areas of interest or issues that may need attention.   The voice of the guest is very strong throughout the mystery shop report and gives significant detail when evaluating the shop.   We have found the mystery shop to be a great tool to recognize consistent positive behavior and also pinpoint areas that need improvement.

Paul Rickels

Vice President of Franchise

Fuzzy's Taco Shop


I have used many secret shopper business’s over the last 15 years and I have had the best success for useful information returned from David and Sentry Marketing.   The ability to pinpoint specific areas and to change on the   fly is unmatched by other companies.   Sentry Marketing has allowed me to trust the reports coming back to me and to help get better as a company.


Rob Lanphier

Pour Kids Restaurant Group


Sentry Marketing Group with their Mystery Shopper program have added a tremendous tool to improve customer service and employee accountability. We are constantly striving for excellence in all aspects of our business and Sentry is a proven partner of our outsource team to accomplish this goal.




Tye C. Williams

Smashburger Franchisee