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How can SENTRY help my business?

Sentry Analytics gives you the tools you need to measure customer service and customer sentiment. Our customer design Survey and Mystery Shopping programs measure how well your team is executing on your vision and provides your customers with an easy way to share their feelings with you. The collected data is presented in easy to use reports and dashboards giving team members at every level of your organization with the tools they need to assess and improve performance. This helps in retaining the customers and a lot of companies also come up with the loyalty programs.

The tools to measure customer service and customer sentiment

Sentry Analytics gives you the tools you need to measure customer service and customer sentiment. Sentry CXM, our next-generation mystery shopping program, delivers powerful insight that makes it easy to measure how well your team is executing on your vision. Sentry CSM, our guest experience survey, provides your customers with an easy way to share their experience with you.

We transform our evaluator’s observation and experience, as well as your guests’ opinions and feelings, into easy-to-use metrics. This actionable data allows you to identify where your team is performing at the top of its game, as well as where improvements will translate into increased customer loyalty and profits.

Quality control for customer service.

Winning organizations know the key to growing profits is linked to creating loyal customers. The key to creating loyal customers is to deliver a consistently outstanding guest experience. Mystery shopping is the most effective and economical method of measuring the quality of customer service delivered by your team.

Sentry CXM is our next-generation mystery shopping service. We bring data to life by custom designing your program around your operating guidelines and philosophies, creating reports that make it easy to identify trends and drive change by integrating training and operations support into your program.

Quality control for customer service.

Tracking customer sentiment about your business is every bit as important as tracking customer service execution. Sentry CSM is our web-based guest survey. Sentry CSM uses Net Promoter Score as the basis for our survey. Sentry CSM makes it easy for your customers to share their feelings with you. Their collective feedback is then turned into actionable data by way of dashboards, reports, alerts, and other tools that make it easy for you to pinpoint what’s working and what isn’t.

Using our Action Plan feature, we can create a robust system of accountability that ensures guests who request contact are promptly contacted to give you first shot at addressing negative issues before they post on social media, also helping in customer acquisition.


Audits and
Our boots, your project.

Beyond measuring customer service and customer sentiment, it’s imperative that critical processes and procedures are being followed. When anonymity is not a consideration, we can deploy our field staff to your locations to perform a checklist-formatted audit of your locations. These programs include everything from photographing new units during the construction phase, to marketing and merchandising audits, to health and safety reviews of your facility.  

In addition to having our staff perform the audit, we can transform your current paper or spreadsheet process to our enterprise-level web platform and train your staff to perform audits on our platform.

The Sentry Platform
Enterprise-level features without the enterprise-level price tag

World-class mystery shopping and survey programs need a world-class platform that makes it easy to turn data into actionable intelligence. Our enterprise-level reporting and business intelligence software provide your team with powerful and user friendly tools that make it simple for you to drive change and improvement.  

Your mystery shopping, survey, and other data collection programs are accessible from a single website.  Reports combining data from multiple channels paint a complete picture of your team’s performance, making it easy to identify trends that can be the focus of your process-improvement efforts.

All of Your Data
In One Place
Scheduled Reports
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Cross Reporting of Mystery Shopping and Survey Data
Mobile Client for Access
On the Go
Client Analytics 3.0

is the iOS- and Android-based mobile client that keeps you connected to your data on any device. CA 3.0 includes a dashboard, the capability to search for individual evaluations, reports, and all other portal features

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